Secure, flexible and affordable professional FTP storage space
  • Secure: Redundant data storage at separate data centres
  • Affordable: Cost-effective storage quota
  • Flexible: Usable with every FTP client and nearly all operating systems and backup tools


To provide the highest possible levels of security in case of error, your servers and the FTP Storage servers are kept at physically separate secure locations, and are not directly accessible via the Internet. Only your servers can access your data via a secure FTP connection.You can also choose between classic FTP and SMB protocol. Backups and restores are performed quickly and efficiently thanks to IONOS' modern, redundant and fail-safe disk systems.
With FTP Storage you can quickly and efficiently create your own configuration and file backups. All you need is a regular FTP client and the login data for your Control Panel to be able to store any data from your server on the FTP Storage. In addition, most operating systems and backup programs (including Parallels® Plesk Panel) support FTP.
We offer a range of storage sizes up to 1,000 GB from as low as $9.99 per month. If your needs grow, you can add additional FTP storage space at any time.